Acknowledgments and Dedication

Jacqueline Enthoven and Virginia Harvey created the Stitch Identification Group in 1977. Its purpose was to identify all embroidery stitches in the Henry Art Gallery's costume and textile collection; standardize the nomenclature; and define names for undocumented stitches, variations of named stitches, and stitch combinations. For 31 years, with changing membership, the group prepared the samples and diagrams of the stitches to produce this Embroidery Stitch Identification Guide.

Stitch Identification Group Members as of 2008

Pat Albiston, Venessa Harrold, Marydel Leiter, and Marcia Reed


Janet Adams, Marilyn Bacon, Sue Chamberlin, Nancy Evans, Pat Evans, Noreen Havens, Gaynel Kline, Helen Polcuch, Bev Rush, Diane Sites, Judy Sourakli, Carol Thrailkill, and Jean Wilson contributed to the conceptualization of the project.

Diagrams: Pat Albiston, Venessa Harrold, and Virginia Harvey.

Index: Marcia Reed.

Samples: Marydel Leiter.

Editing, image creation, and technical development: Amy Lin, Bridget Nowlin, Diana Ryesky, Marc Shimpeno, and Tranh Tranh.

Web design: Andrew O'Connor.

This project is dedicated to Jacqueline Enthoven and Virginia Harvey for their inspiration and guidance.