Antwerp and Buttonhole with Straight Stitch Return Picot Edge

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Working from left to right take as many Antwerp Edge stitches as necessary to determine the width of the picot.

Take one more Buttonhole stitch (without making a knot).



Lay the working thread parallel to the Antwerp Edge, looping it through the edge to create the first stitch of the picot triangle. Work left to right. Make a Buttonhole stitch in each loop of the Antwerp Edge stitches, catching it in the laid thread.

Continue working in this same manner, laying the thread to the left and making Buttonhole stitches to the right. Decrease by one the number of stitches in each row until only one stitch remains.

At the right edge of the picot, weave through stitches on the back of the picot. End to the left of the Buttonhole stitch.


Make a loop around the Buttonhole stitch. Draw the loop up to complete the Antwerp Edge knot. Continue making Antwerp Edge stitches on the edge of the fabric until ready to begin the next picot (Step 1).

Diagram source : Venessa Harrold, reprinted by permission.

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