Buttonhole and Woven Picot Edge

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This stitch is worked on a finished hem.




Bring thread out at A and enter at B. Bring the needle out behind edge of fabric over the working thread to form a Buttonhole stitch over the edge of the fabric.

To begin the picot insert the needle at C, picking up only one thread of fabric. Come out behind the edge of the fabric and over the working thread, leaving a loop.



Insert a pin to temporarily support the picot loop. Place the pin at right angles to the edge of the fabric in front of the loop and behind the working thread. Gently pull up the loop to the size desired for the picot. With the working thread, begin at the tip of the loop and weave right to left behind the loop, in front of the pin and working thread, then under the loop. Pull gently to shape the tip of the picot.

For the next row working left to right continue weaving. Bring the needle over the loop, under the pin and the center thread, then over the loop.



Continue weaving in this manner until reaching the edge of the fabric and the picot loop is filled. Finish at the right edge of the picot.

Insert the needle at D, bringing it out behind the hem and over the working thread to make a Buttonhole stitch. Remove the pin. Continue Buttonhole stitches until ready to being the next picot. Repeat Steps 2 through 6.

Diagram source: Venessa Harrold, reprinted by permission.

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