Buttonhole Rings with Bullion Knot Picots

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Thread loops are covered by Buttonhole stitches with Bullion Knot picots positioned as desired.




To make the first ring of the foundation bring the needle out near the edge of the fabric at A. Enter the fabric to the right of A at B. Draw up the thread loosely to make a shallow ring.

Return the needle to A, entering the fabric from the face. Gently tighten this thread so it is the same size as AB. This creates a double thread for the foundation of the ring.



Bring the working thread from under the edge of the fabric and make a Buttonhole stitch over the foundation threads by inserting the needle into the ring and bringing it out in back of the loop. Keep the working thread under the tip of the needle.

Continue making Buttonhole stitches over the two foundation threads to the position of the first Bullion Knot picot.



The foundation ring is shown here as a single thread for clarity. Make the picot (see Detail diagram).

Continue making Buttonhole stitches over the foundation thread to the end of the ring. Enter the fabric at B from the face of the fabric for the start of the next ring.

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 making Buttonhole stitches over half of the foundation threads of ring 2 to C. Lay a foundation thread to the left to D forming a ring by going into this Buttonhole stitch from above. This forms a single foundation thread for ring 3.




Make Buttonhole stitches over this single foundation thread to the position of the picot and make the picot as in the Detail diagram. Continue buttonhole stitches over ring 3. When you reach the end of ring 3 continue making Buttonhole stitches over the double foundation threads of ring 2 to the end of the ring, making a picot in the position desired.

1. Bring the needle under the working thread and twist the thread several times around the needle.

2. Push the twists together and pull the needle through.

3. Continue the Buttonhole stitches over the foundation.

Diagram source: Venessa Harrold, reprinted by permission.

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