Detached Chain and Buttonhole

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Rugmeh Link


This is a single isolated stitch.




To form this stitch, bring the needle out at A. Hold the working thread to the left. Insert the needle at A. Take a small stitch, bringing the needle up at B. Keep the working thread under the tip of the needle as if starting a Detached Chain stitch.

Again insert the needle at A. Come up at C to the right of and close to B. Pull the needle through the fabric. Keep the needle over the working thread to start at Buttonhole stitch.


To anchor the stitch, insert the needle at D to the right of AC to take it to the reverse side of the fabric.

Note: If a larger spot is desired, a second Buttonhole stitch may be added close to the first Buttonhole stitch as in Step 2.

Diagram source: Venessa Harrold, reprinted by permission.

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