Hemstitch Couching

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Withdraw the desired number of threads. In this diagram, two threads were withdrawn.

Bring up the thread to be couched at X. Lay the thread to the left across the face of the fabric and let it dangle at Y.



With a new thread for the Hemstitch, come up at A and then pass the needle over the thread to be couched and back of the first two threads from B to C.

Place the needle again in the open space at B and come up at D in the fabric below the thread to be couched.



Pass the needle in back of the next two warp threads.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to the end of the row. On the last stitch, fasten off on the reverse instead of coming up at D. Rethread the needle with the thread to be couched, and go to the reverse at Z and fasten off.

Diagram source: Pat Albiston, reprinted by permission.

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