Couching and Straight and Overcast

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First, withdraw the desired number of threads to form a band and divide the warp threads into groups with a Hemstitch on the lower edge of the band.




Come up at X and lay the thread XY on the face of the fabric. Unthread the needle and leave the thread dangling loose at Y. Hold this thread on the surface and under the stitches described in the following steps. With a new thread, come up at A above the right side of the first group of threads. Go in at B to the left of A. Come out at C directly below A.

Go in at A and out in the space to the left of the first group of threads.



Overcast the first and second groups together ending at the lower edge. This creates an overcast bar.

From the lower edge of the overcast bar, pass the needle inside the coil of the bar upward half way. Pull through the space to the right of the bar.



Go in at D, come out at A.

Go in at D and come out at E just to the right of the third group of threads.



Go in at D and come out at F directly below E. Repeat from the second paragraph of Step 1. At the end of the row, do not come out at F but fasten off the thread at D.

Pull the thread XY through to the reverse at Y and fasten off.

Diagram source: Pat Albiston, reprinted by permission.

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