Italian Squared Ground

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Squared Ground


This stitch is used in deflected element embroidery. It is worked on an even weave fabric.


The stitches are worked over the same number of vertical and horizontal threads and are pulled tightly. The first row is worked away from you. An extra stitch must be added at the end and along the bottom row to complete the grid. Use the Double Running stitch to accomplish this.



Take a horizontal stitch from A to B. Bring the needle out at C.

Insert the needle at A and bring it out at C. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to the end of the row.



At end of the row make a compensating stitch by entering the fabric at D and coming out at E. Turn the fabric 90 degrees clockwise from the previous row. Work the second row from left to right.

Insert the needle at D and bring it out at F.



Insert the needle at D and bring it out diagonally at G. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to the end of the row.

Make a compensating stitch at the end of the row from H to I. Repeat from Step 1. Complete the squares on the final row with the Double Running stitch.

Diagram source: Venessa Harrold, reprinted by permission.

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