Lace Filling (Variation 1)

Structural Category

Interlaced, Plaited, or Woven

Specific Usage


Other Names



This is a filling stitch used to fill irregular cutwork shapes. A row of stitches is worked on one side of the shape and a second row is worked from the opposite side of the shape and linked into the first row as it is worked. This link is in the center of the opening.



The needle comes up at A. The working thread is looped counterclockwise and the needle enters the fabric at B. The needle comes from under the edge of the fabric into the loop from above.

Repeat Step 1 until this side of the row is completed. Turn the fabric 180 degrees to work the other side of the shape.



Repeat Step 1 entering from above the loop of the opposite stitch on the first row.

Bring the needle up under the loop.


Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to fill the shape.

Diagram source: Venessa Harrold, reprinted by permission.

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